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Dick Davis
Ernie Wakehouse

Certificates of Appreciation Presented to

Korean Vets

The Department of Defense has been commissioned by Congress to recognize the service and sacrifice of veterans during the Korean War through the Commemorative Committee established for the 60th Anniversary of the Korean Conflict. The period being recognized is 25 June 1950 to 27 July 1953, plus the period from 28 July 1953 to 31 Jan 1955. The "Certificates of Appreciation" are signed by the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta. 


Pictured at left are Master Sergeant Richard Davis, USAF, and 1st Lieutenant Ernest Wakehouse, USAF. Also receiving certificates at the Reunion of the 39th Fighter Pilot Association in 2012 were Lt. Colonel Richard Clothier and A1c Clarence Dellinger.


The Certificates of Recognition read "In recognition of honorable service during the Korean War in defense of Democracy and Freedom. Through your selfless sacrifice, the tide of communism on the Korean Peninsula was halted and liberty triumphed over tyranny. The Department of Defense and the people of America and Korea are forever grateful."





List of all who have subsequently received awards will be published soon.     -cbs