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39FS Association web site information

     I just found the 39th Fighter Squadron web site. My uncle Lee Costley Haigler, was a member of this unit in WW II. He was a 1st Lt. when he was lost on a flight in a P-38 on 13 November 1943, flying over Huon Gulf, New Guinea. I was wondering if there might be any unit members left from that time period who might remember Lee Haigler. I would love hearing from anyone who might recall him.
     I have a couple of photos of him that I can send you if you would like to mention him on your WWII Memorials page. There are only a few people mentioned there and if it's possible I would like to add him to the page.
Lee Graves, <medalguy@msn.com>
Captain John H. Porter from Ohio
     Good Morning, my name is David Porter and John H Porter was my uncle who passed in 1942 on Active Duty. He was assigned to the 39th Fighter Squadron. I would like to know if there is any way to gather any details about his service? He was my fathers brother and the family rarely spoke about him. My understanding was that he was a pilot. The tombstone only lists the year born and died. He lived from 1917 until 1942.
     Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
     Dave Porter <roadking@horizonview.net>
Lee Grosshuesch's "Trusty 33"
     Do you happen to have any details about Leroy Grosshuesch's P-47D-23 No. 33 which he used to score the bulk of his victories in 1944-45? You have an excellent photograph on your website (http://www.cobraintheclouds.com/colonelleegroshuesch.html) but I am unable to see what the serial number of the aircraft is - all I can make out is "No 42-278??" and the rest are obscured by his victory tally.
     Interestingly, Osprey's "Twelve to One' V Fighter Command Aces of the Pacific" shows a colour profile of "Trusty 33", minus the last digits of the serial number.
     Do the squadron log books or servicing reports show what this could have been?
     Any help would be appreciated.
     With regards,
     Michael Nikov  <nikov1981@hotmail.com>

"White 33" TO FLY AGAIN

Dear Sirs,

I'm writing a story about the 39th Fighter Squadron's P-38 "White 33" for the November newsletter of the National Museum of World War II Aviation here in Colorado Springs, and I'm trying to determine who, in addition of Ken Sparks, flew this airplane.

"White 33" is being restored by Westpac Restorations which adjoins the Museum at the Colorado Springs Airport. It should fly again in a couple of years.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Rich Tuttle

Docent, National Museum of World War II Aviation


Letter re: "Sully" O'Sullivan


My name is Mari Vos and I just found your website / saw the pictures that were taken at the 2012 Annual Reunion of the 39th Fighter Squadron in Colorado Springs, CO. I was heartbroken to find out about his (Sully's) recent passing. We had the honor to meet him and his family at the reunion: I was the lady dressed in the Women's Army Corps uniform he danced with that evening to the song "Sentimental Journey." If you are in contact with his family, could you please pass our condolences to them. Thank you so much.


Mari C. Vos, MSgt, USAF

and Bradley J. Vos

Grandfather Served with the 39th; Looks for Information 
Hi, my grandfather served in this unit back in WW2.  His name was Alfonso Liguori. Next time I'm around his old house I'll see if he had any photos that I can share with you.
If you have anything on him that you could share, that would be great! Do you know any places I could find out more about him?
Attached is his patch that was handed down to me, and (that's) how I found the unit! (The patch he attached was the "Cobra In The Clouds" standard patch).
Handsome Memento Honors Col. Charles W. King

Gary King sent us this photo of a memento to his father. "The photo was his favorite and was made two days after he made Ace with 4 and 5 victories over Rabaul and was the occasion that he made the rank of Major." The rank of Captain is on his plane but the new Major's leaf is on his hat).

     The ring and necklace prictured with his pilot's license were those that he wore in combat.

Letter describes Thorpe, Lockhart honors

Date: May 24, 2013

Dear Chockie:


     I think your membership would like to know that Lt. Robert E. Thorpe, a former member of the 39th Fighter Squadron, who was captured and executed by the Japanese in New Guinea in 1944, was honored at a special ceremony at the Rhode Island Statehouse on Friday, May 17th.

     Captain Lewis Lockhart, who flew with Bob was also honored at the ceremony, along with members of the Thorpe family, Bob's brother, Gill, and sister, Nancy, are still alive and remember their brother well.

     Members can see a video of the ceremony by going to stacyhouse.com,  clicking on Robert Thorpe, then clicking on RI House Ceremony on May 17. I can forward you a DVD of the ceremony if that would be easier.

     The ceremony is in the public domain, so you can post any of all of it to your web site. It's time that members of the 39th get some credit for their tremendous accomplishments during WWII.

     I am completing a book on Bob Thorpe, and any photos or stories your membership can supply will be greatly appreciated. While the book focuses on Bob and his capture and execution, I would like to tell the whole story of the 39th. My contact information is shown below. Thanks so much.


Ken Dooley

#1 Green Place

Newport, RI

From: Outcastblue2Lew@comcast.net
Date: 10/24/2011

Chockie, here is a picture of me way back when at Gusap in a P-47. I am 91 now. Good job on the web site. Do you want more New Guinea pictures?
Lew Lockhart

Dear Lew,
We'd like to take a look at anything you would care to share with us. The only requirements are that you can tell us who's in the picture and what's going on. This newsletter is for you men and women who have belonged to the 39th Squadron. It's yours and we'd like to run the things that interest you. Right now we'd especially like to have things from the Korean conflict era. Thanks for the pictures you are sending!
Another P-47 picture of me at Gusap. Gad! Was I ever this young looking??!!! LEW
Chockie, here is a map of New Guinea and the air strips that the 39th used with dates and type of planes we flew. Dates from Port Moersby to Moratai. If you blow it up, it is more readable.  More later as I search my hard drive. Lewis Lockhart.

Lew, this is a wonderful map! I'm sorry that the web picture isn't any larger but if our readers will copy it in "landscape mode" and then print it, it will be much easier to read.
For the rest of you out there, I'm still working on the layout problems of this site, but more and more technical problems get solved every day!  Be a part of writing down history and send us what you have!